Monday, September 22, 2008

True Norwegian Black Metal

.I was recently blown away by Peter Beste's new book of photography 'True Norwegian Black Metal'. Unlike other books that try to explain the phenomenon that is black metal, Beste's book is just a bunch of photo's. Lots of great photos of bands like Emperor, Gorgoroth, Mayhem etc as well as random photo's of dudes in corpse paint in the woods. I just love the idea of this stuff, and while I can't take it very seriously I would definately count myself as a fan. When I was a kid the first real album I heard was ACDC 'Back In Black' (not counting the Showaddywaddy LP and 2 Genesis records I owned). My life was changed forever, and while my friends moved on musical pastures new I've always had a soft spot for the extreme (case in point my 12th birthday when my Mum bought me 'In League With Satan' By Venom). Beste's book has had me searching out newer Black Metal bands (thanks Pauladelphia and Brad), and so have been checking out ripping bands like Watain, Nachmystium, Shining etc.... siiiiick. My favorite find is a band called Vried. I hope they are not Pagan Nazis 'cos I can't understand a lick of what they are saying!!

Vried - Jarnbyrd

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