Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's a familiar story... band comes middle of nowhere (Lincoln), doesn't look like they sound (smart mods playing punk) and so disappeared into the great obscure record collection in the sky. The Cigarettes were, by all account, huge in Lincoln... of course an assertion like that is relative. They knocked about for three years (1978 - 1981) and in that time produced 2 fantastic 7"s and a Peel session. In recent years, the vinyl fetishists have been tracking both discs down for ludicrous prices..... but in this case the tracks back up the price. They kind of had a punk sound...or is it a harder mod sound....powerpop in places? God knows but it's good. Luckily for folks with more sense than cash Detour records have done us a favor by releasing evreything the band has done. Its one of those rare cases where every track is a winner..... this came out quite a while ago, but I'm sure you could find one if you look hard enough.
Cigarettes - They're Back...

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Planet Mondo said...

Like early Buzzcocks with a splash of Jam - great post. Keep the winners coming.