Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sean Macintosh

Keeping the local flavor with bikes this time....some psych SF action... starts of mellow and gets pretty nuts towards the end...


Love Missile F1-11

Post Gen X Sigue Sigue Sputnik were fruity as fuck - I thought they were total shit, but time is a great healer and I've warmed up to their apocalyptic techno space punk. They still look soft but the track is boss.

Ezekial In SF

More Bay Area goods.... and another nice soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On my birthday this girl who has been text messaging me for over a year and a half (one time she sent me a picture of herself in her underwear which I sent to all my friends but when I tried to get pictures of her yammers or vagina she wouldn't do it and clammed up, so to speak) and who I have met once in my life (a year and a half ago) (she has been sending me "sexy" text messages too, "sextmessages") calls me twice. Well, it's not really my birthday, it's the night before my birthday but at midnight, it's my birthday, you know? And it IS midnight and I AM throwing up outside Colins work, over on 16th. Anyways this girl I was talking about before calls me and leaves me a message, which is her singing "happy birthday" in that Marilyn Monroe-to-JFK-style, and I laugh and puke some more. Eventually I decide I am gonna take the bus home because I'm too loaded and besides there's no girls there anyways. So I ask Kaheem ( a black guy) if he knows when the next bus is because he has a next-generation cell phone, but he forgot to pay the bill (typical) and so I walk down to the bus stop but the next bus thing on the bus stop is broken, which isn't a problem really (people've been waiting for busses without knowing when they're coming for a long time I figure) but fuckin hell it's goddam raining and freezing and I'm by myself and I can't stop farting which is real depressing when it's your birthday and you're just standing there farting in the rain. So this girl text messages me saying she lives on 15th street and since I'm on 16th street and it's cold and raining and my birthday why the fuck not? She calls me three times after I confirm I'm gonna come over to her house. Three times in something like five minutes. I get there and christ she's got the body of a skinny lesbian, you know, like real muted tits and skinny but too skinny, you know? All over. Also a haircut outta my goddam nightmares. She's in her underwear so that's promising. She talks in a fucking fauxScottish accent for the next fifteen minutes, in which I sleep with her. I've really only known her for an hour (we hung out for forty five the first time) so this is pretty sick. I bang her for like four minutes and then realize I'm not wearing a condom (they call them "prangers" in Australia) and then something gross happens (I am not having a kid). I kept my pants on cuz I wanted to leave right after (THIS IS A GOOD MOVE AND USUALLY WORKS) but I sit for a sec, I ain't a JERK I'm just busy. So I make some smalltalk and I prepare to split, I tell her "I Gotta split, I wanna wake up in my own bed on my birthday" which is partially true but also I get grossed out as fuck when I look at the girls I bang after I bang them, unless they're cute. Anyways she starts like (she's still naked by the way) curling up into sort of a fetal position but a bit more relaxed, and she's crying and convulsing. So I, being sensitive and empathetic and all that, ask her what's wrong. I'm gonna put a paragraph break here because this is running on too long.

She asks me "Have you ever been raped before" which makes me freak out DID I JUST RAPE THIS GIRL? but I played it cool and said "DID I JUST RAPE YOU?" and she said no but she'd been raped before and usually didn't have sex. And then proceeded to give me some nut-talk for the next hour and it freaks me out because as I said before and as is obvious if you've ever met me I'm an extremely sensitive man. Anyways she starts losing it I say "OK OK I'LL STAY HERE!" and then she puts on that movie Happiness (this seriously happens in like the fuckin blink of an eye, this part) (she's still naked, I'm dressed with shoes and jacket on) while I recline on the bed. She puts it on that scene where the girl tells the fat guy who's also in Little Nicky that she wants to break up with him and I say "WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE INSANE" because she's I think trying to make some statement about me trying to leave after knowing her for an hour and cumming on her thigh but fuck that. Also Happiness was OK the first time I saw it but I hate people who try to be "dark" and "weird" by liking it. Also, I just realized this now, but a kid gets raped in that movie, why would you put it on if you're freaking about a surprise sex attack of your own? Also her room is just a bed surrounded by liquor bottles (kinda expensive brands, too, jack daniels and shit like that) and diet coke bottles filled with water. And pill bottles but nothing cool. Anyways then she starts crying some more while I'm gathering up stuff to leave (taking cigarettes from her purse) and she puts on this video of this little girl singing. She then gives me a speech, like from a movie, a real dramatic one, about how PEOPLE LIKE THIS INSPIRE ME. THEY GIVE IT THEIR ALL. etc etc etc and how creeps and scum like me are crap and blah blah blah. I left and it was like breaking out of prison, getting out of their, blood really rushing, lungs breathing in air mixed with freedom, tastes like gold. Only now it's 4 A.M. and it's raining and I'm far as shit from my house (I lived with a fat crackhead and two parents {not mine}). She starts text messaging me "I'M GLAD I HAVE ENOUGH PILLS TO DO IT" which I figured meant she was gonna off herself. Then she sent me crazy ones like "You've never been raped before" and "You're scum" for the next week and now I just avoid 15th street.

Anyways here's the video she played me

Creative Control

More SF skatin... this time with a nice soulful soundtrack... dig innnnnn

Creative Control from BIGPAULYFILMS on Vimeo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wicked Awesomes

Seriously? Fucking Canadians. That's the band name... I kid you not. Shitty right? right. But ripping. I reviewed this for MRR and was pretty blown away by the psych weirdo indie goodness these Canucks throw down. I don't even give a fuck about the shitty band name!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys

Fucking love this band. When I was in Blighty in the Nerves we hung out and played with these all the time. Good band. Good people. Simon moved stateside, Keef moved to the City of punk (Notts) and gawd knows about the others.... still sounds good. Epic vid....

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

'The people who have crippled want to see them burn.'
Doesn't get much more heavy than that. Listened to this today... Our pal Scott Moore remined via facebook of the epicness of the lyrics. Sick. Fucking Friday tunes for the Muni train...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Escape From Tomorrow

A day in the life of Nigel Sylvester.

I lve the look of this. And how the fuck do they bunnyhop so high... radness

Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.


Ok. so get this. Outside of Dallas that does this Halloween show that's supposed to turn folks to the Lord. They reinact Columbine, Rape (at a rave), someone dying of AIDS, a girl having an abortion... it is fuuuucked up. Whats most fucked up is the faux Oscars where kids get awards for 'best shooter', best 'rape victim'..... Fucking Christians. If anyone else did that they'd be lynched.... here's a palate cleanser....

Mash and Skate

This ones for our friends at MASH


Just got the second 7" from NN from SF. They are a Latino punk band fronted by Martin from Limp Wrist/Needles/Los Crudos. The new 7" is aslice of fantastic melodic punk with Spanish lyrics. Can't understand a lick, but sounds good to these ears......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


fuck me dogs I'm entering the "blogosphere", which I was sort of surprised to see mainly consists of two over-the-hill Britons posting you-tube videos of cops tazering a colo"u"red man with absolutely no provocation. Anyways every cocksucker this side of the Rhine cums purple whenever anyone anywhere mentions the compound word krautrock. However Your Man Belden doesn't fall for this kinda no-doubt Hebrew-backed trickery. Not now no how. Anyways here's a you-tube video of a great band doing a great song. This is what I wish Krautrock really sounded like instead of music seemingly made to drive me out of Aquarius records (the worst store in the world).

Yo there was a fuckin video here but I can't figure out how to post it. I guess if you want to look at it click on this but if not eh .

Phantom Surfers

Mike Lucas is a bit of a local legend. Super eccentric, the dude has been around the scene for years, still reviews for MRR and still plays. I'm not the biggest fan of surf music as a whole, but I can dig the Surfers and their schtick. (Stole this post off Lightenin's Facebook)

Grand Funk Railroad

I don't give a fuck that these dudes became bloated staium rock. The early jams still kick.... 1969? too right.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modulo 1000

This is great.

Dans Le Sac Vs Scroobious Pip

Right. I'm hearing you on the name. Thats why I avoided this too. But this is ruling. Great rhymes. Nice beats. I need more.

Talk Is Poison

Talk Is Poison were a shortlived Bay Area hardcore band from the late 90's. They did a handful of eps and imploded (into bands like Needles, Look Back and Laugh, California Love etc). The records are punishing. Look how you Brian Sterne (bass) looks!!! epic.

Cock Sparrer

Played SF this weekend and slayed it. I'm not too into old bands peddling their wares years after the fact, but the Sparrer haven't really changed tack... absolute showmen... killer.

Monday, November 16, 2009

True Til Death

Remember when Chain Of Strength broke edge??? (I thought it was in Europe...apparntley not!) since then not many older edgers still hold strong. This last weekend one of the most renouned edgers broke..... only a matter of time... Here's someone talking about the different Chain Of strength pressings..

WASTED DAYS TV - "Kevin's Collection: Outtake" from Larry Ransom on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fuck Tha Police


Smalltown from Sweden are playing in the bay this weekend. At the Parkside with the Complaints (Lightin Jeff's new band who kill), Young Offenders and Off With Their Heads. Should be a super fun show. They will be playing with the mighty Cock Sparrer over the weekend too...



...sick SF locals vid.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Underground Resistance

The scape of electronic music was changed for ever when the force Underground Resistance came about in the mid 80's. Coming out of the desolate landscape of Detroit, these techno terrorists took the electronic music scene by storm. Listening to Acid Rain still sends chills down my spine...

German SS Officers

A little light comedy relief for a Wednesday......

Railway imagery of Blyth Power

Trainspotters are mocked here in the U.K....i should know, never having lived down my early years interest in the railways. I tried and succesfully hid my childhood passion.....never mentioned the peaks, whistlers, double headers and deltics of my pre teen on the other hand are a band who's singer was in The Mob and Zounds, who's punk status and history is unquestionable singing about 50's... their record covers; "Land, sea and sky" has a 56 pulling a load of coal, 25's, 47's and 40's appear on others...i don't care who knows the knowledge i retained about diesel engines...."Land, sea and sky" is a great album too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Place To Bury Strangers

I'm sure the smug music press is already over these guys, but I'm feeling their feedback drenched Marychain vibes... seems that pouty shoe-gaze is all the rage these days in the underground with bands like the Dum Dum Girls and labels like HoZac as well as getting play with the bigger labels. Some of this shit is boring self indulgent shit, but when they hit the hooks... I'm feeling it.

The Professionals

I saw Lightin' post this on his Facebook, so thought I'd throw it up here. Such a great song! Not too many folk know of Steve Jones & Paul Cook's post Pistols band. I like 'em way more than Lydon's artsy drivel with PIL. Good old singalong punk rock!


I'm pretty sure we posted about this before, but the Tim Braunch documentary 'Supercharged' is now out. We've yet to see it, but the trailer looks rad. Our friend Pete Koff put it together using his friends bands music which is sweet. Keep yer ears peeled for some Young Offenders tracks in there...


Sorry to all the pop pickers for the all the doom/sludge and metal these days.... just feeling that vibe at the minute. I just picked up the new LP by Morne from Boston last night on the wonderful Feral Ward. Super dark and heavy with soaring melodies.... epiiiiiic.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Eye Hate God

The sun is shining in SF and life is good. What better time to dip into the madness that is Eye Hate God. Their stories of booze, jails and drugs are legendary. They played Timmy's Chaos In Tejas this year, but we were up the road worshiping at the temple that is the Pierced Arrows. I've been feeling the dirty dark sludge of these cats recently. Our very own Sir Shanksalot was witness to them on a boat going up the hudson the other week. I'll let him tell you about that!!..

Sf - Seattle

Some local heads.... Massan & Emi from MASH and Tyler Johnson....

San Francisco to Seattle from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.