Thursday, December 31, 2009

Only Built For Cuban Linx II

Who wouldda thought the best Rap album of 09 would be the new Raekwon LP. I love the Wu man... and the firstwave of solo shit in the mid 90's was sick: GZA, Ghostface, Raekwon are stand up fave's. Of recent years it seems that only RZA and Ghostface have managed to keep the flame burnin'.... until now. Cuban Linx II is as good as anything these guys have done - almost like the OG Wu with guests from RZA, Ghostface, Method Man, Inspecka Deck... it has the same vibe as Linx one, but updated with Dre on the buttons. Can't listen to this enough.....

Frisco - stand Up...Salute!

Adidas. SF. Murdering it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acid Visions

Paradise Of Garage comps

I just picked up a killer comp of Texas psych from the 60's. There's a bunch of volumes but as far as I can tell only one on record. All killer no filler. The Scotty McKay Quintet's version of 'Train Kept a Rolli' is boss, especially seeing as the band befriend Jimmy Page from The Yardbirds, sent him the track and he overdubbed a solo. Most of the stuff is straight up banging garage - in the vein of early Elevators.... sure there's psych in there, but this ain't no hippy shit. I found digital files at the fantastic "Paradise Of Garage Comps" blog. Click the link above. Here's some rad Elevators footage to get you in the mood.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lucifer Over London

I'm not too hip with the neo-folk/industrial weirdo shit like Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Death In June et al, considering they have all done about a billion releases....some of which sound like people chucking shit down stairs. There's songs from them all that strike a chord once in a while. Epic Black Sabath rip here from Current 93.


Shanksy's post is hard to follow... what better way than with Slade (again). No fucker knows who this band are in the States, but in the UK they are an institution like Eastenders and Top Of The Pops. I know all the hip kids will be talking about when they were called Ambrose Slade and were skinheads and shit. Fuck that. I'm all about the 70's era when they were EVERYWHERE. Total party music. Back home, if you put Slade on, the party has started. Here's a track from the epic 'Slayed?" LP when they were in full galm effect. also a link to the MP3's.


War Photographer

Don't mean to be a downer, but just saw this documentary called "War Photographer," about a guy named James Nachtwey. Really heavy shit, but pretty amazing. Raises all kinds of questions, not only about him and his work, but about the rest of us who view it and how we view it. I also checked out a book of his stuff called "Inferno." This clip isn't an official trailer, but it'll give you a feel for the film.

The one thing missing from the clip that was particularly interesting, was they attached a microcamera to the body of his camera (the still image above). So as he is taking photos--and these photos are INTENSE--you see exactly what he's looking at, how he's framing it up, how close he is to this immense sadness and destruction and pain. Highly recommended.

Da Mystery Of Chestboxing

Fuckin Wu Tang and Lego?. What's not to like. (Thanks to our pals at One Sound for this).

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

Ten Years After

I've been on a late 60's early 70's rock kick of late. I had no idea that Ten Years After played Woodstock?. When I was really little the only records I'd seen were my Mum's paltry Dylan collection...until I saw some of my Uncle Steve's vinyl. He was younger than my Mum and in the mid 70's was all about flares, long hair and fuckin rock n roll. I saw records by The Groundhogs, Ten Years After etc. It was'nt til decades later that I got into that shit. Some is too much introspective wankery, but when it hits a groove I'm feelin it. Here's Ten Years After at Woodstock. Epic. Also a link to a crazy Ten Years After fan page.

fan page

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In Extremis

In Extremis indeed - I just picked up the first Martyrdod and I'd forgotten how fucking extreme the band are..... this track is from their second LP which is no less harsh. Falling somewhere between Scandinavain crust and black metal...this shit is not for the faint of heart!!!

Lotek Mixtape 1

I'm sure I posted this before, but Allan came over last night with Kyle who is in this vid - and I forgot how fucking ripping the SF crew are... raddd!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


No secret that we Love Love. Arthur Lee is a fuggin genius. Snagged this from Scott's Facebook posting - some sickass 70's goodness.... RIP Arthur.


So get this.... Portland wrestler in the late 60's who fancies himself as a singer gets a band together (including a 17 year old Greg Sage later of the Wipers) and lays down a bunch of soulful psych vibes. I kept seeing the LP and I just had to own it. No let down....shit is epic. The dude used to enter the ring on a 3 heeled motorbike to the sound of his own jams. Feeling it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The sounds they reign

Following yesterday's post, wanted to put this one up to. Blowing my head. And at the bottom is the original, from 60s psych band Glass Sun. Greg Cartwright can really pick the covers (in this case, with a slight name change).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Can there be any doubt...

...that from here on out, this debris is all that's left of me."

Sick. Been out a few months now but I finally got my hands on the latest Reigning Sound. Been listening to them religiously lately and this track is probably my new fave. Great hooks, insanely good lyrics, and that organ is killing me.

(the talking up front, not part of the song)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Armour - Iron Man

Managed to slip this one into a commercial at work.... heavvvvvvy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windsor James

More skating. Buttery smooth... it's all about the pop. This dude has it in spades. Check his fuckin ollies. epic.


Forgot about this sesh we had in Novato a few years back with Jono and the Ox. Sick.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Society Of Invisibles

Not new, but new to me.... this hip hop crew harness the deep dark Wu Tang beats with lyrics about dismemberment and fucking shit up. My kind of crew.

Brain Donor

Our man Michael dropped the birthday hammer with a gift of the most recent Brain Donor disc "Drain Boner"....fucked up psych heavyness influnenced in no small part by Cope's Japrock fascination. This track is a little less dark.... but no less ripping. Thanks for the gift dude....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Suga Bear - Graveyard Shift

From 1998 coming out of the Protrero Projects in SF this LP has some sweet lazy beats but super harsh gangbanging lyrics. One of the few records to come out of these fierce projects in the city this album caused a gangwar due to the lyrical content. I don't know if this even came out on vinyl? If so...hook a brother up!!

Bricks And Mortar Birthday Bash

The crew got together last night for an absolute banger of a night to celebrate another year. Things got ugly but the tunes were sweet and it was nice to see so many faces out. Thank you!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Euro Stomp

Ever since I got a batch of 60's garage tapes a decade or so ago, I've had a bit of a thing for Euro garage. Lots of folks are familiar with Q65 or Golden Earings.... but today I just got a great comp called 'Searching In The Wilderness" which has a bunch of GREAT obscuro garage from the likes of the Red Squares, Namelosers, Outlaws, Snobs and then stuff by the aforementioned Q65 and Golden Earings. It even has a track by a band called Sean Buckley And The Breadcrumbs featuring a very young Jimmy Page on geetar... rock on!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Our pal Eric was part of the tiki lounge crew Ape. Pretty rad that a dude makes a tiki live while they play...

Pierced Arrows

Still hard to believe that Fred Cole and Co. are on Vice records..... the band rule. Our love for all things Fred Cole is no secret, and this video shows the band are ripping. Can't wait for the new LP.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coloured Balls


love him or hate him, this track rocks. Some great musicians backing him as well.


Litmus are a space rock band from dear old blighty. Where lots of these types of bands get too 'out there', this band keep it driving.... just like your favorite Hawkwind numbers. They just put out a new record too...