Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unknown Passage

Dead Moon are a favorite in our house. The band that we can all agree on - I mean who doesn't like weird creepy music made by a husband and wife team in their sixties?? Now I knew that Fed Cole had been in the Weeds in the 60's and the Rats in the 70's before starting Dead Moon with his wife Toody....but I didn't realize just how deep his history went...the dude was fucking THERE man. Hanging with Janis, playing with the Seeds... fuckin everything. The movie is pretty inspiring, especially for someone heading towards middle age with a couple o kids and a room full of records. These dudes are still at it.... like a family. Drummer Andrew Toomis "In the states you gotta be wearing the right clothes, 5 cute guys up on stage and I'm there with grandma and grandpa kicking ass and taking names". This film was a revelation to me. We were lucky enough to share a stage with their new band Pierced Arrows in Texas last week...which was an honor and a pleasure.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


For more on BrokenCYDE, check out this apt definition from UrbanDictionary:


The act of having a penis inserted into your ear.


I like to add a bit of levity to this serious music lover's blog. 

Robot voice, distorted screaming, melodramatic emo-rap breakdown, edgy misspelling/word creation, veering off course by forcing angry lyrics ("LIAR!") into what is otherwise a dance track about getting "f*cking freaky" with a girl you met at a club, references to ice, grills, cadillacs, and wheels that spin

furry love, dancing girls, bling cars, pouring out a 40, "crazy" graphics, Hype Williams-esque slow mo's, blowing smoke rings, throwing mock gang signs

"We couldn't squeeze enough cliches into our music, so we filled our video with them too!"

Chaos Faces

Flickr Group

While we were in Texas my missus and sister in law did a wee photo project. It's pretty funny.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chaos In Tejas

...was insane...we are just coming down to land......

sacred shock @ broken neck

this is a super blurry pic of Sacred Shock at the Broken Neck at 4am. You can see at least 2 of the B&M crew here. It was carnage. I will post more when I get my wits about me...

young offenders emo's - chaos in tejas


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Message To The World

Jesse Hector has the best sideburns in rock'n'roll, no contest. He was also in the seminal proto/mod/pub/punk rock bands The Clique, Crushed Butler, Helter Skelter, and his best-known group, The (Hammersmith) Gorillas. Apparently someone made a documentary about this living legend last year. Anybody have a copy?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going Digital...

I avoided a lot of the new darkwave electronica shit 'cos everyone was crowing about it and I like to be the last to get onto a good thing. I picked up a Digital Leather 7" cos Allan DJ'd it once and it blew my head off. Both the LPs I bought were great. Yesterday I picked up the new one from the Blank Dogs (I think both BD and DL are one person.... not the same person... but, ah fuck it you know what I mean). Both these dudes have the hooks at heart even if it is drenched in feedback and distortion.. I dig.

Sacred Shock

Some of my favorite people in Texas play in Sacred Shock... fast hardcore with sick hooks. Unfortunately they only play once this weekend at an after party.... I hope I make it that far!!

The Field

I just picked up the new Field LP on Kompact "Yesterday And Today". Sweeping, sublime minimal techno. Totally feeling it... great summer sounds.. I should have posted this 2 days ago when the sun was blazing!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

U made me like it

Brother and sister John and Jane McKeown are the crown prince and princess of Glasgow pop muzik... although they're actually from Uddingston or something. Blame it on Lanarkshire. John used to be in the Yummy Fur and Jane was in Lung Leg. Both bands had a string of indie releases throughout the 90s. Now John's called Jackie and is fronting a trio called 1990s. They just put out their second album, 'Kicks', on Rough Trade. I couldn't find any videos from that so this is from their first LP, 'Cookies'. It was also a car commercial I believe. Jane is now playing bass in a band called Peter Parker. They've been playing around Scotland for a wee while now and they're about to get some vinyl out.

Mash - Breakers To Bay

SF was carnage yesterday as the infamous Bay To Breakers went through... 60,000 people totally hammered dressed as Elvis. I was at the the other end waiting with Sean for the end of the Mash Breakers To Bay bike race. Chas came first and murdered it...

Mash - Breakers To Bay 5.17.09


Wnner - Chas


Iron Age

Iron age are one of my faorite metallic hardcore bands. They are playing in Austin on Sunday.... I may miss them 'cos we are playing at the same time.....

Hex Dispensers

playing just before Young Offenders on Friday....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I LOVED D.R.I back in the day... they went shit and metal...but there early records shredded...pure bay area thrash....

Cryptic Slaughter

A little off topic from the Chaos In Tejas shit... but this morning I was delving back into some mid 80's super fast hardcore... Corrosion Of Conformity and fucking Cryptic slaughter... they were th fastest band I'd ever heard when I was a kid.... this shit was nutttsssssss. Quality is pretty rough on this...but it still rules.....


From Sweden... one of my fave recent hardcore bands... stoked to see them in Texas...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bike away from work day

So it's bike to work day today... which translates to free Clif bars for anyone that dusts off their full suspension MTB for the day. It also means even more dirty looks than usual from BART passengers for those of us that ride our bikes every day...

here's a wee clip of Edinburgh's Dave Sowerby. He's actually the guy that filmed and edited the Danny McAskill video Brooksy posted a while ago. Here he is on his bike.

BSD Dave Sowerby edit from streetphire on Vimeo.


I posted about these before... here's an interview on their reformation - Playing Sat at Chaos In Tejas

Annihilation Time

Playing Friday at Chaos In Tejas

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


AI on Saturday...


all the way from Japan....playing on Thursday

Pierced Arrows

Dead Moon are one of my favorite bands, I have yet to see their new incarnation the Pierced Arrows so I am stoked that I will get to see them twice next weekend and actually get to play with them.

Chaos In Tejas

A bunch of the B&M crew will be in Austin for Timmy's Chaso In Tejas blazedown. It will be total madness as always... the biggest hardcore fest out there. I am going to start posting up some of the bands who will be playing. Friday is sold is going fast..... see you there...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Limp Wrist

I bumped into our very own favorite record shark MArtin yesterday and he flowed me a bunch of cool shit as always (I'll be posting some of my scores). We have never posted up footage of any of his bands, so here's Limp Wrist at Chaor In Tejas filmed by the Neck...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soviet Valves

One of my fave records of a couple of years back was the Soviet Valves 7".... here is some live footage of these Aussies before they broke up. skip through to 3 mins in to hear 'Sight That Harms'....epic jam...

Philly Sessions

Tony Fast and Tom La Marche talked trick fixies... nice little film..

Hot Lixx

.... Our friend Craig is the world Air Guitar champion.... here's him on the news... epic

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Edge

Promo for new documentary coming soon about Straight Edge...looks pretty good...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So hyped I didn't wanna like it but do anyway. Fuzzy stoned bedroom isolation music.

Bootleg Session V3 out now!!!

The Bottleg Sessions really show the evolution of track bike trick culure. Not totally my speed, but it's still pretty rad...


One of my favorite 7"s is the 'Teenage Treats' 7" by the Wasps....barnblazing punk. It even spawned a whole series of powerpop comps. I found this footage of them that is pretty rad.... pretty inept, but fun nonetheless.

No Town Hall

I finally bit the bullet and paid more than I should have for a copy of "No Town Hall' by Crisis.... I love the darkness of this band - somewhere between anarcho punk and a goth band at times.... very punk. Can't find any live stuff at the mo' so this will have to do.

Time For Action

One of te few good things about being laid up sick for the week was that I actually had time to slow down and dig through some old records I hadn't heard ina awhile. I even pulled out the 'best of' cd by the Secret Affair. The band were one of ther more popular mod revival bands and I always thought they were shit.... however the song 'Time For Action' is the jam...I revisited the CD thinking that maybe my pasr judgement of the band was overly harsh... Nope, about from a couple of gems the 'best of' pretty much blew.... I mean they kick it out some cool mod jams, then blow in a fucking sax solo that sounds like the Cosby show theme.... jesus, bunch of fruits. Definately from the Syle Council school of mod. Time For action is still a rocking jam..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chaos UK

this clip pretty much sums up what I was about as a youth.... I modelled my 'look' on early Chaos UK...they still lokk pretty punk no? love it...
but these guys took it one step further..... Kaaos from Finland 1982.... fuuuuuck.


This vid is old as fuck... but sometimes it's good to look back to be able to reflect on whats happening now. Theres a lot to get excited about in the bike world these days... but sometimes folks forget its about going fast.... really fast... this shit is still nuts....

Massan... from john smith on Vimeo.


The Plugz were along with the Zeros one of the 1st Mexican American punk bands from the greater LA area - playing shows with the Germs and Black Flag they were an LA punk staple. Sir Shanksalot reminded me of how great they were with a random email about this track:

but for me the real jam, is the flip of their debut: