Friday, April 30, 2010


Stand And Deliver

Some-one posted on Facebook the other day about the recent Adam And The Ants demos LP and how they wished he had done good stuff after 77. I disagree. The 2 major label LPs are great. I still stand by their kitsch.... me and our mates used to go nuts to this at the school disco. I seem to remember me and my mate James Thomas getting in trouble at school for singing the song 'sex'.
There's a sweet doc about Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) that covers him losing his marbles and throwing a car alternator through a pub window after the punters laughed at him. He was sectioned and ended up in a nuthouse, seems like he's back on the staright and narrow....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sign Language..

Duffy Power - What Now

A troubled man for sure (suicide attempts, drug abuse and mental illness) and overlooked for most of his career despite recording some classic material. 'Ain't necessarily so' and 'woman trouble' are firm favorites but this one an absolute peach.

Toxic Reasons

Toxic Reasons are one of my favorite 80's USHC bands. They came from the midwest, had an Enlishman, Canadian and 2 yanks. (I'm English in a band with an Irishman and 2 I feel an affinity). All of the band's records are great.... but I think 'Kill By Remote Control' is my fave....

Glue Sniffing.

Can't condone this kind of behaviour. It's a thing for the youth I think. We were big fans as nippers. This clip is pretty sweet. Duder with try everything except 'gay sex and hero-ine". He then compares glue to a back alley hooker..... nice.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

David McWilliams

Buddy Guy- The First time I met the Blues.


Tonite in SF!! First head to Submission for the Fix My Head/ This Runs On Blood (Arizona)/Useless Children (australia) show. Then after that blow off all the hipster nights (1964/Shutter/alright Ooh La La is ok) and Come down to Underground SF (424 Haight St Lower Haight) for the best Rock'N'Roll Night in SF, PUBLIC IMAGE!! DJs Randamonium, Mackivelli, & the uncomparable Miss Jenny will be spinnin Garage, Mod, Power Pop, & Punk Vinyl From 10p-2a. Also, I'm gonna pump MDMA thru the air vents and Jenny bought blow pops.

Where We Used to Learn

When I was growing up, most of my friends were skaters. I was never a good skater. My skating repertoire consisted of a decent ollie and a twisted ankle kick-flip. But it's what we did so I twisted a lot of ankles. Anyways videos like this make me miss the days old days of stealing candles to wax curbs, breaking things to see them break, and not having to be anywhere at anytime particular.

Where did it all go terribly wrong....

Where We Used To Learn from Sam Kristofski on Vimeo.

Sniffin' Around

Okay, last entry before my lunchtime ends. Favorite Video of the Day:

Found at soul/oldies blog WFMU Ichiban via a link from this irresistibly cool image at Earth is no resting place:

Selling Out Is Hard To Do

This graphic attempts to explain a musician's economies of scale.

Definitely not selling out: Cast King. One record, recorded at 80.

MC Solar System

Earth should have a much bigger thump.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dock Ellis LSD

Major league baseball and LSD.


I gotta admit I was indeed fazed when I ran into Brooksy yesterday (keeping two kids alive is exponentially more difficult than just one). For the record: 1) I do like the sounds of Eddie Current Suppression Ring. 2) I don't have any facial hair.

Speaking of kids, this song is a really effective way to teach 'em the stealth of silent e:

Unrelated: over the last couple weeks no record I've bought has got more play than the cult cargo release Belize City Boil Up Just brilliant.

Soul Patches

Nothing to do with TP's facial stylings of choice but the dopest soul/funk mixtape I've heard for sometime. Mixed by J Reitano sometime illustrator for Madvillan and GZA (not that that's relevant) - it's got it all: Killer tunes, deftly mixed and runs the spectrum of all things soulful.

You hate me and I hate you

When I was getting into punk I had some friends who were obsessed with GG Allin. They would buy videos from Merle Allin and my friend Francis would go into a studio and record entire sessions of himself doing Murder Junkies songs one man band style. He would send these tapes off to Merle and eventually he went to a one of their post GG gigs where the singer was too wasted to sing. He took the stage and became a Murder Junkie and did a few tours with them. I always thought that GG was a no talent hack who shit on his audience to make up for it. In the last few years, the stuff that he did with the Jabbers in his early days have easily become probably some of my favorite punk tunes. Check out this killer live set.

Eddie Current Suppression Ring

Bumped into TP yesterday outside the kids' school. Told him about the upcoming Eddie Current tour in July (3 shows in the bay...keep yer eyes peeled). He looked blank. I think he's gonna dig this...


This morning I was rocking the "animosity' album by Corrosion Of Conformity. The band started life as a twisted dark metallic punk band but eventually morphed into an uninteresting metal band. This track is from their second LP which is storming...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pan Sonic

Not the most accessible of groups, but for lovers of sonic wizardry (occasionally veering toward the head fuck category) rivaled by few. Couldn't pick a favorite album but Kulma is as good as any as it has everything they're renowned for: techno belters, glitchy beats, dark drones and distortion. Sorry to see them part ways last year.

Mika Vainio's solo output is also worth checking out.


Lunatic Dolphin is heading UK bound to hit up the Hammers last game of the season....

Banksy in SF 2

theres more... here

M.I.A - Born Free

Here is 9 minutes of pretty violent M.I.A. music video where Gingers are rounded up and forced to run through mind fields, in some kind of ginger holocaust. Probably NSFW because of the gore and some unsettling fatty nudity and old lady boobage.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Pierced Heart's post of the class Bobby Bland tune, made me think of another all time fave.... Skullsnaps from '73.....

Shuffling Souls and The Angels

Hello Bricks and Mortar Barmy Army. Just a short one to let folks know that I have started a photoblog. Nothin' fancy. Peep it.

Until next time, check out these sick Aussie cunts:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bobby Bland - Shoes

Discovered this one today on a Kent Soul Comp - Deep northern soul tune with enough of a beat to get you moving. Quality.

As Bobby also penned this one, not gonna pass up the opportunity to drop the Al Brown cover. Soulful reggae at it's finest.

Marvelettes Dutty Gals Dem

Heard this boomin out of the back of a corsa today - Not the greatest of executions (especially the horrible trance breakdown) but good to see the youths appreciating the classics.

True Confession

I find I drop this number more than the Undertones track... as well as 'It's Real weird do-wop rocksteady....

Deaf & Destruction

Eye-Man & Stiff Neck are DJin at The Attic at 10p, come out. Don't Be A Square, unless u like disco, which in said case u should know.....DISCO STILL SUCKS!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The company you keep...

Just had some friends over. A little green, a little liquor later...we naturally start digging through the iTunes. A little Malcolm Middleton, a little 'Doin the Cockroach', a little Hex Dispensers later...end up at The Undertones' "True Confessions."

A-ha...what'd you just think? Or more appropriately, what'd you just hear? Inside your head, what was it? Tell me dear friends, what does "True Confessions" sound like? Can you hum it for me?

See me and my so called friends got into a debate about which "True Confessions" is the best..dare I say the real..."True Confessions." And as we all know, being real is about as reliable as a trade wind. At least that's what my gran-pap always told me. He was either a merchant marine or a sonofabitch. Or both. I digress...

Point is...I'd really like to hear from you, through a vote via comments...which of these is the 'real' True Confessions? I ask you to confess. The only true answer is, to me, obvious. But then again, maybe I'm crazy. At least that's how these so-called friends, momentary invitees, here have made me feel. Then again, as my gran-pap always said, you can never be too sure of the company you keep. So I ask you dear friends....which do you prefer?




The Haunted 1-2-5

Just getting into freakbeat and garage properly, discovered this tune in the week which ticked all the boxes. Mid 60's garage classic from Canada.


Classic scene from Babylon - Blue (Brinsley Forde) from Ital Lion rides the 'Warrior Charge Riddim' mashin up the dance in the process.

Snail art

Banksy in SF

Saw the Banksy film this week... then a couple of new Banksy pieces popped up in SF.....

London Burners

Just picked up a great book called 'London Burners' which covers a bunch of current London train graf artists. The style of these boys is different than a lot of current graffiti as they are fast... in and out - having more in common with early NY train styles. The penalties for painting London Underground trains are stiff... the police using DNA testing, phone tracking to find and charge the writers. Many have ended up with prison sentences.... here's part one of a cool little London graf doc. Keep yer peepers peeled for my fave FUME piece.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When they came out a few years ago (maybe even more at this point) I was in love with this band: their first couple of EPs and the first LP were amazing. Carnival Kids, Man Ray, Mean Time, their covers of the TVPs 'Pictures of Dorian Gray' and Kate Bush's 'Hounds Of Love' brought the house down when they finally made it out to the Bay Area to play. They opened for Franz Ferdinand and we missed half the set cos they started playing before the doors even opened. Then they came back and played at PopScene, blowing Razorshite off the stage. This was pre-Bricks and Mortar but a bunch of us were in attendance. Their last two full-lengths were a bit disappointing: They got a bit serious and studied. Less immediate, scratchy, and catchy. Looks like they might be back on form, if the video for the latest single is any indication. And you have to love the Gordon Smith guitar front and centre! Welcome back boys!

To Have and To Hold

Short flick about vinyl appreciation. The contributors' commentary is perhaps a bit insipid/obvious, but the shots of their collections are downright humbling.

To Have & To Hold - Taster Tape from Jony Lyle on Vimeo.

green day

I've never done anything for earthday before... so here it goes, couple from Jagjaguwar hippies Pink Mountiantops and Woods:


SF local... up all over town.... cop bus.... sweet.

Death To All But Metal

Steel Panther...... too right.

What's Up Nerds

Alton Ellis - Willow Tree

Summer's in the air - Alton Ellis is on the stereo.

Samurai Showdown

Complete sucker for sword flicks and Ghost Dog is one of the best modern examples. The highlight for me though was this instrumental of Samurai Showdown laid down by the RZA.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Icelandic Eruptions

I have been blown away by the images in the news of the Volcano erupting in Iceland. I was equally blown away by this volcanic rock spewed forth unto the world in 1973 by a band called Icecross. Icecross were three hippies who moved from Iceland to Denmark to live in the Freetown Christiana commune area of Copenhagen. Before the pressures of living abroad got too heavy, they managed to record this album that was issued in a run of 1,000 copies in Iceland only. The majority of which probably ended up as ashtrays at Icelandic biker parties.


Just got the new Martyrdod LP 'Sekt', as with their other 2 it's an uncompromising mix of crust and black metal. Not for the fainthearted - this shit is brutal. Love it...

Like a glove.

Beards, mustaches, werewolves

Given that I am somewhere between the "full" and the "Sidney Crosby" this hit pretty close to home. Thought you all might also get a kick out of it.


Grace Jones

Mala (Digital Mystiks) re-rub of a Grace Jones number....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is what the real shit is.



I ended up following the soft side of punk...

Social Distortion Jackasses

Listening to the 4Skins report made me recall how Social Distortion (I grew up in Southern California) brought out the stupid (certainly less intense than the UK... but still plenty of shirtless goons with gigantic swastikas on their backs).

Still like their country covers...

Guru RIP

Music Matters - The Jam

Whole series of these on youtube (Nick Cave one may also be of interest) - But this is my favourite. One of the greatest bands to come outta the UK.

Sharks And Nazis

4 Skins

I love early Oi. Unfortunately bands like the 4 Skins didn't attract brain surgeons.

Too Much Too Young

I'm not a fan of reunions and shit. Not my deal. Too many good bands to see out there. I think' I'd go check the Specials if they came through though...


Lets get minimal. I dig Monolake and the new Modern Love minimal techno with layers of sound - not harsh like the detroit stuff...just moody... feeling it...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Johnny Cash + Dennis Hopper

Come to think of it, there must be several hundred thousand interesting/odd Cash teamups...

Cash + Ralph The Dog


Following the LCD post...I read a Rolling Stone review a few years back on a book chronicling a worldwide tour by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I'm sure it said a lot of stuff (the book and the review), but one amazing line has stuck with me: "the book proves that no matter where you go, hipsters look exactly the same."

Thought you all might like this site. Even though I can almost guarantee 95% of it comes from Williamsburg, it's a solid, hilarious piss-take that proves the above.

More Bike Skills

Makin' BMX video games paid my bills for a couple years, so I have a soft-spot for tricks that I failed to dream up back when I was laying out imaginary grindrails, etc. This video's old, but features a heap (apologies for the indie rock whining):

When Hipsters Attack

Here is what I imagine must be the first hipster assault caught on tape.

Garrett Reynolds

Next level shit...

Garrett Reynolds Early 2010 Edit from Premium Products on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sittin here wondering would a matchbox hold my clothes.


One of my revent fave band out of Canada are playinf Pissed Off Petes in SF on April 30th. I have a bad feeling that it's the same night as the Airfix Kits across town. Hope not, this band kills.

"Never Really Tried", The Defektors - Live at the Suicide Club from The Suicide Club on Vimeo.


French footballer with some mad skillz (and some stones) doing his thing to thunderstruck.

Emak Filmmusik

Taken from the new Soul Jazz Comp: Deutsche Elektronische Musik - Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83.


Dubstep definitely came along and stole it's older brothers thunder but thanks to a couple of recent key releases looks like Grime is refusing to go down without a fight. Wiley's much anticipated 'Avalanche Music 1: Instrumentals' has just hit the shelves and whilst it's all old material most of the beats have never been previously available. Someone's uploaded the whole thing to youtube so you can listen here.

WCTD Deejay Mix

Around this time last year, Small Axe released one of the most definitive books on Jamaican deejay culture, to coincide with the release Who Cork The Dance released a 'deejay' mix with many of the artists and tracks included. Not sure if the book is still available but the mix is and it's a scorcher, containing many obscure but killa tracks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Burroughs Tooled Up.

'El Hombre Invisible' runs through his collection of weapons. Love his last comment.


So I just snagged a copy of the GLC single by Menace. Band were fantastic and never got the recognition they deserved in London in the late 70's. The A side is the one everyone knows, but the real gem is the flip. 'Wake up every morning when the little bell rings.... I'm civilised" Too right.

Like a Hurricane

Scorpions were one of my favorite bands as a kid. They played the first concert that I ever went to in 1988. My brother bought me a ticket and took me along with him and our neighbor and off we drove in the neighbors Trans Am to the Monsters of Rock festival. How stoked was I at 13 going to see Metallica and the Scorps? At this time it was all about Blackout, Animal Magnetism, and Love at First Sting. It wasn't until a few years ago that I delved into their earlier catalog to find what are some of the most mammoth 70's heavy jams. If you are a sucker for that sort of thing then I highly recommend any of the albums featuring Uli Jon Roth or Lonesome Crow which is the only album with the brethren guitarists Rudolph and Michael Schenkar before UFO stole Michael away.

So last night I was watching the Toymachine video Jump off a Building when I realized that Kerry Getz segment has a track off of Lonesome Crow.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Steve Miller

Most folks have heard this tune, love it. I think Steve looks like a young Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

And a Less Perilous Video

Murderous Chase in Woods Video 2


Don't know shit about this... music is eh, but the video? fucked up.

SF Reppin'

More SF locals. Ill soundtrack. The nose manual at 45 secs in nutso....

Montage #3: Money is King from Carlo Pelaez on Vimeo.

The Krauts are coming!!

Hello and welcome to my first post on the Bricks and Mortar blog.

While not known for their sense of humor, the one thing that Germans got right in the late 1960's and 70's was their own unique blend of psychedelic, often not rock based, rock music. Like most interesting musical or artistic movements throughout history, these young Germans were seeking to invent something new in the shadows of an oppressive culture. I tend to gravitate more toward the rock based sounds of Amon Dull II

and Can

But I dig this more atmospheric tripped out of Agitation Free, who's "Malesch" album is a masterpiece.

Check out this short NEU! clip:

And finally, here is a great BBC documentary on the history of Krautrock.

German Electronic Music History from Jose Rodriguez on Vimeo.



Since today is covers day, here is the Dirty Projectors covering Rise Above

here is a soul version of a the Justice track by someone I don't know, nor could I find much info on.

Hawa - D.A.N.C.E.

Ever Fallen In Love

covered anthems

Those covers of the Buzzcocks & Sham 69 were... unsettling. And I like covers... sometimes:

David Fullarton

I posted about our pal David Fullarton before.... he just did the cover art for the new Young Offenders record.... sweet.
Justin Timberlake likes him too and got him to do a drawing of the dude from Flaming Lips while he filmed himself. Sweet. Hopoefully David will get rich and we can sell off the unsold YO records under our beds for mad money. Sweet.

Black Flag Food

Salad Days

I dig Diplo and the Mad Decent crew - hitting up some sick mashup/hip hop/reggae vibes. I always check their podcats and the new one is particularly good. A pretty sweet punk mix done by heads who grew up on hardcore and then moved into DJing and electronics... check it here

If the the Kids are Covered.

Compare and contrast. Apparently this is some sort of Doc Martens promotion for their 50th anniversary.

Jimmy & the Kids.

Duke Spirit

Pete & the Cocks


P.S. Nice DRI shirt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bodies in Videos

Slayer clip's interesting, but I prefer this David Byrne/Dizzee Rascal team-up from a few years back...

Electric Deads

Super obscure punk from Denmark... 3 singles, impossible to get. all three have just been reissued... stoked! Ordered already from here or here

Slayer - Beauty Through Order


Slayer - Beauty through order from More Soon on Vimeo.

Meat Is For Pussies

JJ's new book is dropping this week. Looks ill. Will I be buying? Hell yes.
"A how-to guide for dudes who want to get fit, kick ass and take names'

John Joseph "Meat Is For Pussies" - dropping on April 15th, 2010 from Polygraph Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This one's for Dougie...

I'm not typically one for self-promotion, but I've spent the last several months working on something I wanted to share. We did this cool project with some New York City sign painters, where we had them paint a stop-frame animation of the Stella "pouring ritual" on a 20 x 50-foot brick wall, then filmed the entire thing as a timelapse piece (3 weeks of painting). It sort of reinvented their trade and they were stoked on the challenge, which they f*cking killed.

But the coolest part was we used the project as a window into the world of this dying art form, and shot a short documentary about the trade and the guys struggling to keep it alive in the age of insta-print vinyl.

So please see this post as less me being self-serving, and as more of a hats off to these daredevil artists dangling 60-feet overhead. I'm proud to have helped them bring their story down to sidewalk level. I hope you'll enjoy it and pass it on.

(Timelapse of the painting project...all hand painted, no digital images)

(Couple trailers for the short doc, titled 'UP THERE')

Oh and since this blog is predominantly music-related...hats also go off to The Album Leaf for the music.

Aussies are Animated

All-time Best Song About Death?

Mentioning "Lose this Skin" in the previous post made me want to hear Sally Timms' cover of the Handsome Family's "Drunk By Noon" (I hope this Lala link delivers... apologies if it fails). Does anyone write better sung tales of mortality than Rennie Sparks? Maybe the Misfits... but theirs is a different kind of story.

Love is All?

I don't know a damn thing about this band except that they're sorta catchy, Swedish, and playing in SF this week.

On a couple of songs, the singer's delivery reminds me of Tymon Dogg singin' "Lose This Skin."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Canada, Continued

I can't let the Canada thread just sit there without a plug for that country's most versatile and best live band. The Sadies at SF's Riptide last year was as good as the aught years got.


Yeah, Tranzmittors killed it. I have soft spot for Canuck punk.... here's a wee TV show with the Viletones and shit...


Tranzmitors were a blast last night. Canada does fun.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


This band came out of the gates strong a few years ago with some classic-sounding late 70s powerpop singles. They were all the rage around here for a bit (although they never toured here) but I don't hear anyone mention them anymore. Well, they're finally coming to town for a couple of shows (Sunday April 11th with B&M reprobates Young Offenders & Airfix Kits in Oakland and Wednesday at the Hemlock with Pleasure Kills) so we finally get to see 'em. 'Bigger Houses Broken Homes' was one of their first singles and still my favorite, but I couldn't find it on YouTube so I'm posting this video of a newer song. They've got some new records coming out soon so be sure to check them out, or maybe we'll just see you tomorrow in the East Bay.

Little Willie John

Pretty successful in his day (late 50's, early 60's) with many of his tunes such as 'Fever' covered by a slew of artists. 'I'm Shakin' is his masterpiece though.


With the sun out in full force over here in the UK, felt this would hit the spot. All pulled from 60's/70's soundtracks.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Always thought he was a complete twat. I like Bow Wow Wow tho. Always had a wee crush on the singer.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earth Is No Resting Place

This site has some truly rare audio discoveries... it's Bricks & Mortar at the crossroads, circa 1920.

Malcolm McLaren RIP

Brooksy? Whatcha got?

King Tim III

The sound quality is lackluster, but...

Better sounding vinyl:

Labi Siffre

Jazzer 2

Same story... always had trouble fittin' jazz into all that punk/country/soul. The song that hooked me was Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie's hopped-up "Dizzy Atmosphere"... eventually I got to Miles and Mingus (although sometimes they still sorta confound me).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Musical Hands

Original bad bwoy Cecil Dill.


Never really made the time for jazz, out of all the genres out there it's probably the most alien to me. Was listening to a pile of soundtracks and saw the light the moment the needle hit 'Ascenseur Pour L'├ęchafaud' by Miles Davis. One of those albums you want to put on again the moment it finishes.

Chaos In Tejas - Updated Lineup

Appears to be some kinda joke.... seriously??

another UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Thursday at End Of An Ear Tim Kerr Art Show Opening
Tim Kerr and friends-5pm

Thursday at Red 7 ($16)
X (Australia)-1:00-1:45
the Spits-12:05-12:45
Ty Segall-11:20-11:50
Grass Widow-10:35-11:05
Wild Thing-9:50-10:20
Bad Sports-9:05-9:35

Thursday at Emo's (outside) ($18)
Crow (japan)-12:00-12:45
Talk is Poison-11:15-11:45
Wasted Time-10:35-11:00
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland)-9:50-10:20
Mind Eraser-8:30-9:00
Mother Of Mercy-7:45-8:15

Thursday at Beerland
Broken Gold
Heavy Cream
Simple Circuit

Thursday at the Beauty Bar
New York Night Train's Soul Clap & Dance Competition Featuring Mr. Jonathan Toubin

Thursday after party at the Broken Neck (2:30am-4am) ($5)
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland)
Arctic Flowers (ex deathreat/signal lost/the observers)
the Altars

Friday day show at Beerland ($5)
Wasted Time-5:30-6:00
Acid Reflux-4:10-4:35

Friday at the Mohawk (outside) ($12)
the Ponys-11:00-12:00
Jeff the Brotherhood-9:15-9:45
Woven Bones-8:30-9:00
Heavy Cream-7:45-8:15

Friday at Mohawk (inside)
Cowabunga Babes-1:00-1:30

Friday at Emo's (outside) ($25)
Bastard ( time reunion) 1:00-1:45
Subhumans (england) 12:00-12:45
the Marked Men 11:00-11:45
Walls 10:15-10:45
Rival Mob 9:30-10:00
Kim Phuc 8:45-9:15
Vaaska 8:00-8:30

Friday at Emo's (inside) ($8)
Brilliant Colors-12:30-1:00
Blessure Grave-11:45-12:15
Gun Outfit-11:00-11:30
True Widow-10:15-10:45

Friday at Red 7 (outside) ($12)
Toxic Holocaust-12:10-12:45

Friday at Red 7 (inside)
Iron Age-10:05-10:35
the Roller-8:50-9:25

Friday at Beerland ($10)
the Riverboat Gamblers (performing "something to crow about" in it's entirety)
Airfix Kits

Friday after party at the broken neck ($5)
World Burns to Death
Slang (Japan)

Sat Morning breakfast show at Thunderbird Coffee
Iron Lung 11:45-12:15
Acephalix 11:00-11:30

Sat day show at Beerland
Crow (Japan)-5:10-5:55
Waste Management-4:30-5:55
Axeman -3:45-4:15
Night Siege-3:00-3:30

Sat day show at Trailer Space (FREE)
Ghost Knife-6:30-7:00
Jeff Burke-5:45-6:15
Mind Spiders (members of the Marked Men)-5:00-5:30
Teenage Cool Kids-4:15-4:45

Sat at Emo's (outside) ($20)
Poison Idea-1:00-1:45
the Pist-12:00-12:45
Slang (japan)-11:15-11:45
Wild Thing-9:45-10:15
La Urss (spain)-9:00-9:30

Sat at Emo's (inside) ($15)
Inquisition (columbia)-11:15-12:00
Bone Awl-10:30-11:00
Twin Stumps-9:10-9:30

Sat at Red 7 (outside) ($12)
Lion Of Judah
Airfix Kits
Ninja Gun
Shanghai River

Sat at the Mohawk (outside) ($12)
Quintron and Miss Pussycat-10:45-12:00
Box Elders-10:00-10:30
Psychedelic Horseshit-9:15-9:45
Ratas Del Vaticano (mexico)-8:30-9:00
Fungi Girls-7:45-8:15

Sat at Mohawk (inside)
Fergus & Geronimo-1:00-1:30
Brilliant Colors-12:15-12:45

Sat after party at the Broken Neck (2:30-4am)
Salted City
You People
Hot-Rails To Hell

Sunday day show at Beerland
Subhumans (england)-6:15-7:15
Cross Stitched Eyes-4:30-5:05
Criaturas (members of severed head of state/vaaska/deskonocidos/signal lost)-3:45-4:15

Sunday instore Trailer Space (FREE)
Stoned at Heart
Fungi Girls
Wild America

Sunday at Emo's (outside) ($20)
Rorschach 12:05-12:50
Bastard Noise (Wood,Connell and Nelson) 11:10-11:50
Morne 10:10-10:50
Gehenna 9:20-10:50
Yellow Tears 8:45-9:05
Mammoth Grinder 8:00-8:30

Sunday at Beerland ($10)
the Marked Men-1:00-1:45
Toys that Kill-12:15-12:45
Young Offenders-11:30-12:00
Brilliant Colors-10:45-11:15
the Hex Dispensers-10:00-10:30

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne - I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Land of 154 Dances

Looking at Rhino's recently released, pretty damn thorough Wilson Pickett set. Sweet.

Sleigh Bells

"Crown on the Ground" was the one song everyone hated the most on my '09 summary compilation... I think its no-fi owes a small debt to noise.


Here are some other noise tidbits...


I was in a band with this record collector (Lee) who loved punk rock... he also liked noise. I only liked punk rock. I stayed at his house once (it was his parents). The room was a shrine to Danzig and the Misfits. Lee slept in a single bed with black covers and made no noise. I slept on his LPs. He had so many they made a bed. Lee went to sleep listening to Whitehouse and SPK. Scared the shit out of me. I haven't been able to get my head round noise until really recently. Something about the extremeties of sound and also taste have become appealing. Whitehouse formed in 1980 by William Bennett. The band had revolving members but always had Bennett at the forefront. Their dalliance with child porn, Nazism, rape etc alsways smacked of shock factor to me. But now I have a better understanding of what they were trying to do. To shove what makes people stomachs turn right in their face. To attack the crowd at their shows, aurally and physically. This stuff is the extremes of music..... and taste....