Monday, April 5, 2010

Pierced Arrows

I posted about these guys before, but you can never have enough Fred Cole. Dead Moon have a special place in our hearts round my yard. They are one of the few bands who have been able to transcend the record room, into the family psyche. Family sing-a-longs can often be heard to a Dead Moon song. I'd put the Moon in the missus' top three. We even talk of the family Dead Moon band 'Dagger Moon'. After seeing the Pierced Arrows (but never Dead Moon) I thought they ruled. While I dug their 1st didn't completely envelope me. The new LP on Vice (not sure of the reasoning for that pair up?) is possibly the toughest and moodiest Mr Cole has even done... how can a man who started life in a 60's psych band STILL be delivering rippers some 40 years later??!!! The whole album has a swaying creepy crawl feel to it, with Cole's squaks interspersed with Toody's slightly out of key backups. For some reason, their sound....their connection makes it all work. This LP hasn't left the table. I am in awe.

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