Saturday, April 17, 2010

Like a Hurricane

Scorpions were one of my favorite bands as a kid. They played the first concert that I ever went to in 1988. My brother bought me a ticket and took me along with him and our neighbor and off we drove in the neighbors Trans Am to the Monsters of Rock festival. How stoked was I at 13 going to see Metallica and the Scorps? At this time it was all about Blackout, Animal Magnetism, and Love at First Sting. It wasn't until a few years ago that I delved into their earlier catalog to find what are some of the most mammoth 70's heavy jams. If you are a sucker for that sort of thing then I highly recommend any of the albums featuring Uli Jon Roth or Lonesome Crow which is the only album with the brethren guitarists Rudolph and Michael Schenkar before UFO stole Michael away.

So last night I was watching the Toymachine video Jump off a Building when I realized that Kerry Getz segment has a track off of Lonesome Crow.

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