Thursday, April 22, 2010


When they came out a few years ago (maybe even more at this point) I was in love with this band: their first couple of EPs and the first LP were amazing. Carnival Kids, Man Ray, Mean Time, their covers of the TVPs 'Pictures of Dorian Gray' and Kate Bush's 'Hounds Of Love' brought the house down when they finally made it out to the Bay Area to play. They opened for Franz Ferdinand and we missed half the set cos they started playing before the doors even opened. Then they came back and played at PopScene, blowing Razorshite off the stage. This was pre-Bricks and Mortar but a bunch of us were in attendance. Their last two full-lengths were a bit disappointing: They got a bit serious and studied. Less immediate, scratchy, and catchy. Looks like they might be back on form, if the video for the latest single is any indication. And you have to love the Gordon Smith guitar front and centre! Welcome back boys!

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