Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Irish Texans

My dad was a bartender when i was kid. Every year for St. Patricks day he would take me down to George Wesbey's pub in Dallas, Tx, put me up on his shoulders and together we'd watch the Irish Texans play. The Irish Texans we are band made up of ex- Belfast dudes who fled to Texas for some reason or another( wink , wink). They were the first band I ever loved and to this day I'll put on the record dad got me for my 25th birthday and just get stoked. Granted, this ain't the Texans, but they did used to play this song, plus its as close as i can get. Also, they did a song about Tequila and another about Mexican food. Hence, The Irish Texans.

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Weaseldog said...

I found you by doing a search on the Irish Texans.

It's good run across someone else that remembers Wesby's from the old days.

I was 18 when I first started going there. That was the legal drinking age. And when I first heard the Irish Texans.

Alas no other pub has quite lived up to those memories.