Friday, March 5, 2010


Congrats to Bricks and Mortar boy TP on the birth of his son. After we got the backslaps out the way here's the email he sent. Nice one son....

"Thanks. There was a bit of a musical story regarding his birth. The anesthesiologist asked if we wanted to listen to something while they performed the c-section. He claimed he had everything on his ipod. So Tif requested Otis Redding. Nope. Patsy Cline? Nope. Charlie Parker? Nope. I asked about Cash. Nope. The requests and denials continued while I was pulled away. When I returned, everyone had settled/compromised on Dave Brubeck... which was all right I guess since it's a lazy west coast sound (and there probably wasn't any Chet Baker).

I've only had surgery once (thankfully). Went into it with the Clash."

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