Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Roky Erickson

This past weekend the legend Roky Erickson played here backed by the Black Angels. I am a HUGE Erickson fan - but was a little anxious about seeing the man live. I mean, I know he is waaaay fucked up and had the potential of not even playing. Lots of folks have blasted the Black Angels for being boring and a pedestrian backing band, I thought they rocked. Total Loop or Spaceman 3 style drone...good shit. Roky looked especially out of it, having to look to the Black Angels' singer for cues....but still he fucking rocked. Playing a bunch of his classics 'Two Headed Dog', 'Night Of The Vampire', 'Creature With the Atom Brain' as well as a couple of classic Elevators numbers 'Splash 1' 'Youre Gonna Miss Me' and best of all 'Reverberation' which was epic. Sometimes a show is made by the company or just it being a good night. Saturday was one of those, surrounded by a bunch of good folks with killer seats (thanks Kelly)....it was a blast.

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