Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kate Bush would brighten up any party!!!

Kate Bush is as mad as a box of Frogs!!!I just love her, something very English and eccentric about the woman.She reminds me of a friend of mine and if I needed further justification, I hear she is a great cook as well.What a fox!!!Reminds me of Louis from Family Guy,I hope she drops by for Thanksgiving, would be great craic.

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Liam's Dad said...

Agreed! As talented as she is lovely.
Plus, The Dreaming is one of the most original records I've ever heard before or since. "the look out as parked the car,but kept the engine running. three beeps means trouble's coming..."
Actually The Dreaming has a spot in my top ten all time records. I have it on all mediums, cassette, cd, lp, and mp3.