Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paul Sykes - Made in Wakefield

I can't help it.. it's probably not cool to admire sociopaths, even from a safe distance but i have this fascination..
This geezer is something else. A self proclaimed 'expert in violence', he had the title of 'the hardest man in the north' (england) back in the '80's.
This strange documentary examines his relationship with his father, his 'missus', his loving sons (both 'inside' for murder) his short lived boxing career and his ability to swim in shark infested waters.
If in doubt, "give 'em a punch in the fookin' ear 'ole!"
(This is only part 5 of 7 - you'll need to see 'em all)


Anonymous said...

just watched him fight john l gardener on you tube he was some man in his day, if he had of won things might have been different for him, he lived near me towards the end.

Unknown said...

Paul was a good guy who went of the rails like we all do but he was an OK guy who was a good boxer with a good manager promoter he'd have gone all the way, true is that.