Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real Road Racing

I had moved back to Ireland in 2005 and tried to settle back into life there after being in San Francisco for six years.It didn't go to smoothly , and I had trouble getting work and readjusting to the changes that happened in the country since the Celtic Tiger, and just settling in.Everything moves on, thats the big lesson I learned. Anyhow, my interest in music died completely for nearly a year, first time this ever happened to me. I was looking for something that excited me as much as music and sure enough I got into Motorcycle Road Racing. To briefly explain, its motorcycles racing on Road Circuits.Real Roads not purpose built circuits.This all happen while watching T.V and seeing a rider from Dublin called Martin Finnegan.He was spectacular to watch, throwing his bike around over jumps at enormous speeds.Amazing.So, I made it a point to go to the Killalane road races in September 2006, went to the practice with a buddy.We were sitting on a wall watching the races, bikes passing by at 160mph going by little more than 10 feet away.I was scared shitless, the sound was incredible the speed was incredible.I was into it!!! Hooked!!!As we were sitting on the wall a guy in leathers climbed up the wall beside me, said how ya doing,sat there for awhile watching the bikes, I asked how fast he thought they were going etc,just making small talk, he seemed friendly Chap.As he walked away I seen his name on the back off is leathers,Dunlop.I had been talking to Robert Dunlop, a Road Racing Legend and Brother to the late Joey Dunlop.I nearly fell off the wall, gob smacked. Sadly that race was also my first encounter with the brutal side of the sport, with Rider Darren Lindsey losing his life.This year sadly both Robert and Martin lost there lives.Road Racing has amazing highs and equally terrible low's. Here is a tribute clip to Robert, I found on You tube.

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