Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skins & Punks...

I just got given the new book by Gavin Watson 'Skins & Punks' for my birthday (he's the geezer who took the picture with our logo above..and was the inspiration for 'This IS England'). It is fantastic. These are pictures he had stored away thinking no-one would be as interested, as they are photos of his family and friends during the late 70's, early 80's. Rather than just being about skinheads it is a real snapshot of life as a skin in a working class council estate. The photography is beautiful and emotive. A real treasure. The pics bring me back to being chased across Truro by skinheads after school, and having them push us into the hedge while we waited for our school bus. What people in America don't know is that there were skinheads EVERYWHERE when we were kids... I was too young for the initial wave...but only just judging by the youngsters in boots and braces in the book! Pity it is has to be involved with Vice mag, 'cos now every hipster cunt in the world is going to be dressed in doc's and bleached jeans.

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