Thursday, December 11, 2008


Back in the 80's I was way too busy listening to Abrasive Wheels to pay any attention to the droning shoegaze of the Spaceman 3 and Loop... over the years I have become more and more drawn to the sounds of the stoners.... recently Texas psych rockers made be dig back to Loop...the orinators..... then just last week I mamaged to snag their entire back catalogue of I am immersed in the spaced out drones.... I LOVE this shit..

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gypsy's purple potion said...

So cool that you scored all the vinyl! I saw them play the Ibeam on the Haight in '90. Lumped in with Spacemen 3, but they alway felt darker-- kind like Beatles vs. Stones or Echo & the Bunneymen vs Teardrop Explodes. Much tougher than the shoegaze scene that followed, although I loved that noize too; Ride, the Telescopes, Blur, Slowdive, Teenage Fanclub.