Friday, August 1, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

Complete with Doc Martens, braces, and cropped heads, Noddy and crew pushed their way into the British music press with raging tracks like "The Shape of Things to Come" and "Raven". SLADE would return to their long-haired, Glam-hippie ways only a year later, blaming their ANIMALS bass-player-turned-manager for coercing them into adopting the skinhead look.

Here's a great pre-fame, pre-Glam clip of SLADE performing "Wild Winds Are Blowing". Looking good guys, looking good...

A couple tracks:

Wild Winds Are Blowing
The Shape Of Things To Come


Allan said...

Slade rules...
A few years ago I found out that 'Shape Of Things To Come' is a cover version... I guess it was originally performed in the 1968 film 'Wild In The Streets' by the group Max Frost & The Troopers (believed to be members of Davie Allan & The Arrows)... Slade's version is better though.

Max Frost on YouTube:

Neck said...

Nice. Gotta check that out. Before hearing Slade's version, I was introduced to the song via Toxic Reasons and The Diodes.