Wednesday, August 13, 2008



...Sometimes time passes by so fast that your forget how much fun you are having until much later. Many years ago I played guitar in a band in Leicester called Nerves. We were on the dole and skint, but had a shared love for all things fast. While everyone else was going metal or emo we just wanted to sound like USHC bands of old like Negative Approach and the Necros. We had no gear, it was 1993 and we lived in the Midlands. We knocked a few tunes out, did a few gigs, drank cider, even put out a couple of records.... one of which lay dormant under our mates bed until he threw most of 'em out. Even though we made no real impact on the world around us, we had a fucking blast. THAT is what being in a band is all about.....having a laugh...and we sure has hell did that. To Iain, Stu and Lee...thanks for the memories. To Jono, thanks for the pictures and driving our sorry asses around in Lee's Dad's van. Here's a couple of tracks from our infamous "Thirteen Style Strike" EP.

Nerves - Sucked In
Nerves - Over And Out

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