Monday, August 4, 2008

The Escalators

.... I don't have much (if any) time for psycobilly, I went to the Klubfoot in the 80's and saw some bands, had the shit scared out of me by a bunch of psychopathic hardmen with quiffs wrecking to sped up rock n roll. So I was pretty dismissive of a band made up of ex-members of the Meteors. In 1982 two members of the original line-up left to form the Escalators, the result was the 'Moving Staircases' LP which has a tremendous blend of Wire-esque post punk, some DIY home-recorded charm all wrapped up in the guitar shimmer of the Psychadelic Furs. It really is a lost post-punk gem, taking cues from much of what was happening in dreary old England at the time. Not half as depressive as Joy Division but having some gothic overtones, not strictly punk, but enough snap to have easily fit in with the artsy '79 crowd. Originally coming out in 1983 on the Big Beat label, the reissue comes to you courtesy of Ace records.

Escalators - Young Men


jonozero1 said...

I never saw a psychobilly band at the Klubfoot but i went to the Clarendon loads,me and Brooksy were a couple of days apart for years...Wednesday night i was rockin to Death Angel and Friday Brooksy was stomping with the Coffin Nails...Saturday night Brooksy was oiling his quiff with Batmobile and Monday i was changing the world with M.D.C.
Across London at ULU and we finally got into the same room....Brooksy heckling and throwing beer at Porcell,me Posi with took Leicester to make our worlds collide.

brooksy said...

Ah yes... I remember the moment - glasses and mdc jacket. You - glasses...long hair, smiles... good times man....good times....