Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Paddys Day

.... I'm not really too down with the St Paddy's day deal.... especially here in USA where every dickhead thinks they're Irish...whatever.. Anyhow, here's the shit I love about the Emerald Isle.. fucking Planxty - so good.
In 1972 Christy Moore released his second album Prosperous, which was recorded in a house in the village of the same name and featured his old schoolmate Dónal Lunny, along with Andy Irvine (who'd been working as a duo with Lunny), and Liam O'Flynn (with whom both Moore and Lunny had played at local sessions). After recording Prosperous, they formed Planxty. The group's first major performance, opening for Donovan in Galway, was a huge success. Neither the audience nor the band knowing what to expect, both were pleasantly surprised. Irvine, unable to see the audience through the lighting, was worried that the crowd was on the verge of rioting. It took him several minutes to realise what he was hearing was enthusiasm.
A formative influence on Planxty and in particular on Christy Moore was the singing of Irish Traveller John "Jacko" Reilly who hailed from Boyle, Co. Roscommon. It was from Reilly that Moore learned "The Raggle Taggle Gypsy," which was recorded on the first Planxty album, in addition to "The Well Below the Valley" and "As I Roved Out," which appeared on The Well Below the Valley. Planxty released the highly acclaimed single, The Cliffs of Dooneen, after which they were promptly signed to an exclusive contract in conjunction with Polydor Records. The bandmembers, inexperienced in the world of business, signed a contract for £30,000, but for six albums, and with a low royalty percentage. (They were never to make much money from album sales, and were substantially in debt by the time the group dissolved.)
The group became very popular in the next few years in Ireland, Britain and Europe, and they recorded two more albums in the following two years. After that they split up, and a compilation called The Planxty Collection was released.
The four original members of Planxty reunited in 1979. They recorded three albums, and made several changes and additions to their lineup. (the above was stolen from Wiki).... all of the Planxty stuff is worthy, and in my opinion the best of the trad Irish bands (although the Bothy Band come a pretty close second)
Also a Christy Moore clip - not sure if it's going to be everyone's cuppa, but just love it. I thought I'd posted about him before, but maybe not... If I remember I will post Scottish hardcore legends Sedition's version of 'Ride On' which is as good, but in a totally different way.

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