Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Theres been a few bands with this moniker, but the band from Sonoma are my faves... they were really in the heyday in the late 90's, but are still around in some form today. I've been digging out their old records recently and they have really stood the test of time... super catchy punk like the Kids with some of the best vocals out there. There was a fair bit of controvery in the uptight punk scene about these guys being nationalistic.... but that vibe seemed to go along with all the bands from Sonoma... redneck Californians!! The guitarist collected White Power records too which was weird, but I'm too old to care these days.... this track is off their 'Addicted To You' EP which is my least favorite (yet still rips), but was the only one to hand. Their first EP on TKO records is the jam, as is their "Firepower Is Our Business" 12" on Vulture Rock.... dig in...


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