Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Night KIngs

The other day I talked my mate Jason into parting with cash for one of my all time fave albums by the Night Kings. It came out in 1992 on Steve Turner from Mudhoney's super electro label. I never hear a peep about them but the whole album is sheer class. From Seattle and fronted by Rob Vasquez who had previously done time in the Night and Days, the band released a few 7"s (one or 2 on Subpop), then the LP 'Increase Our High' which for me is the jam. Less full throttle than some of the earlier Seattle bands they had a larconic almost stoner sound mixed with some 60's jangle which was totally unique. Maybe it was the time in my life when the LP came around, but I still feel good when this hits the turntable....
Night Kings - We're The Party

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