Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eddie Current Suppression Ring

I don't hold too much sway to what the bespeckaled garage rock record nerd tweakers are salivatiing over, a lot of it is super lo-fi weirdo rock that I can't dig. I heard a lot of bleating about Eddie Current Suppression Ring from Australia, but couldn't find the goddamn records - but then Goner released their LP 'Primary Colors' domestically. This record has totally side-swiped me - since picking up in Portland last week I have listened to it almost constantly. I have always been a fan of Oz rock, from ACDC (who are still my favorite band...more on them soon), through Rose Tattoo, Saints then the tweaked murder punk of Razar, News, Thought Criminals etc. The Suppression Ring take elements of all the above and mix it with the Fall and Velvet Underground. This shit is punk as fuck but has a stoned darkness that has me hitting the repeat button. As with most Oz bands they look like a bunch of geezers down the pub. Check the 'Which Way To Go' video of them at the beach. Genius.

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