Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marked For Life...

More than half of the posters on this blog will be travelling up to Portland Or for the weekend this week to play some shows, buy some records and drink some booze. Portland has always had a stellar music legacy - Wipers, Dead Moon and of course Poison Idea. I was lucky enough to see Poison Idea in the 80's when they toured the UK and tore the place apart. I remember Pig Champion taking a cab down the street to the takeout place and later drinking a whole bottle of vodka in one go. There was no stage at TJs in Newport and the place was jammed, Jerry A held the crowd back on his own, standing a head above the crowd. At one point some skinhead got out of line so Jerry picked him up by the neck headbutted him then chased him outside. Legends. Here are the boys in their hometown doing Marked For Life.

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