Thursday, February 4, 2010

Digging For Records In The Digital Age Pt 2

Decided to take Sir Shanksalot's idea of pulling audio off the net and run with it this week.

Started on youtube downloading tracks that were elusive and beyond my budget and then ended up rinsing the various corners of the net.

Had originally planned a Northern Soul mix but ended up discovering all manner of freshness from all sorts of genres - genres that I wouldn't normally consider.

The biggest pain in the arse came when I had to re-eq most of them as they sounded a bit shitty (surprised at how many bloggers still upload files at poor bit rates).

That done transferred em all to cd and had a mix up...and here's the result a slammin uptempo mix of obscure and rare vinyl that I wouldn't be able to afford or trackdown using conventional means...Everything from soul,blues,garage,psych,freakbeat and mod.

After all that my conscience was surprisingly clear but then I've always be lacking in moral fibre.

Mix - Here.


Sir Shanksalot said...

Killer mix brother. The EQ-ing is definitely an annoying step in this system, but I don't know a way around it. I resorted to YouTube downloading (vs stream-recording) in the first place because sometimes you actually get high(ish)-quality files. Sometimes.

Anyway, great mix.

OneSoundUK said...

Cheers m8 - Check out these two sites both have some amazing records on there.

Cheers for the f/back.