Friday, June 26, 2009


I was up in Toronto this past week and caught a bunch of bands at the NXNE music festival, Canada's answer to Austin's SXSW. Saw some good stuff, including Dillinger Four, but the best by far was a Tokyo band called Zoobombs. Sick performance.

I'm not good at the intricacies of genre specifications (I tend to like "music"), and these guys make it really difficult. I heard old soul and blues influence, some funk it felt like some odd psych garage experiment or something. Call it whatever you want, they were sick.

The vid below is the best I could find (from '08), since I can't post mp3s here. It gets real good from ~2:00 through ~3:30. The line up I saw didn't have the tambo/bongo guy, just the 4 others. If anybody wants a track or two, email me:

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