Monday, June 29, 2009

HELLO: Today's Token Glam Jam

I would like to pretend I wrote the following, but the band bio below is from kathleenturneroverdrive, a favorite eBay seller that always goes above and beyond on his auction write-ups. Enjoy:

Career-destroying single for Brit glampoppers Hello which, in retrospect, shoulda made 'em big stars. This is actually GREAT glam rock, a big Slade-like simple stomp with some AMAZING (for its time) deep bottom bass! When they sing "goodbye to Joe" in "Another School Day," you can't help think Slade even MORE, but when the grade school kids start joining in on backing vocals, you realize it's closer in spirit to "School's Out" or "Who Don't Like Kids?" At the time, the band's manager decided to release THIS as their new single, instead of a new composition given to them by Sweet writers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. That song, by the way, was "Dyna-Mite," and since Hello passed on it, it was given to competing glam rockers Mud, who made a career out of it. At least in England. Across the Atlantic, neither band made much progress. Unbiased, therefore, I have to admit I prefer Hello's single to Mud's. The flip ain't bad either - "C'mon Get Together" is another big glam stomper with super catchy, downright anthemic melody, and some cool knifescraping guitar licks. And since you get the picture sleeve with this one, you can glance at those two hot chicks in the front. What? Those AREN'T chicks? Oh dear...

Another School Day

C'mon Get Together

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