Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unknown Passage

Dead Moon are a favorite in our house. The band that we can all agree on - I mean who doesn't like weird creepy music made by a husband and wife team in their sixties?? Now I knew that Fed Cole had been in the Weeds in the 60's and the Rats in the 70's before starting Dead Moon with his wife Toody....but I didn't realize just how deep his history went...the dude was fucking THERE man. Hanging with Janis, playing with the Seeds... fuckin everything. The movie is pretty inspiring, especially for someone heading towards middle age with a couple o kids and a room full of records. These dudes are still at it.... like a family. Drummer Andrew Toomis "In the states you gotta be wearing the right clothes, 5 cute guys up on stage and I'm there with grandma and grandpa kicking ass and taking names". This film was a revelation to me. We were lucky enough to share a stage with their new band Pierced Arrows in Texas last week...which was an honor and a pleasure.

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