Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time For Action

One of te few good things about being laid up sick for the week was that I actually had time to slow down and dig through some old records I hadn't heard ina awhile. I even pulled out the 'best of' cd by the Secret Affair. The band were one of ther more popular mod revival bands and I always thought they were shit.... however the song 'Time For Action' is the jam...I revisited the CD thinking that maybe my pasr judgement of the band was overly harsh... Nope, about from a couple of gems the 'best of' pretty much blew.... I mean they kick it out some cool mod jams, then blow in a fucking sax solo that sounds like the Cosby show theme.... jesus, bunch of fruits. Definately from the Syle Council school of mod. Time For action is still a rocking jam..

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