Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Guitars Clash

Just watched that earlier post featuring the anonymous overhand guitarist. I'd rather hear her story than the insufferable guitarists assembled in "It Might Get Loud." I suppose White's a decent selection for contemporary guitarist. His live performances rarely slip into obnoxious virtuosic displays. But the Edge? If I had to pick an 80's influential/mainstream artist, I'd much rather listen to Johnny Marr. And Page? I think Richards or Townshend did a better job interpreting/reinventing. My first pick would be Bo Diddley. I saw him once in the mid 80's at the Orange County Fair. Long past his prime, he still jangled through a solid set. But he's dead. So maybe Billy Zoom? Or the Good brothers from the Sadies? Who'd I miss?

Maybe it's best to just listen to guitars, not guitarist.

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