Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blaggers ITA

What do you get if you cross a bunch of ex-skins, ravers, smack heads and fervent anti-fascists??? Blaggers TA. Starting out in the late the late 80's as an Oi band - they morphed into something completely original. Like Sham 69 with samples, horns and rapping. Sounds shit? Nah... fucking brilliant. One of the best band's I ever saw live. Totally uncompromising in attitude and politics they were always on the front line. They released a bunch of records on DIY label Words Of Warning before signing to EMI much to the chagrin of the underground scene. The band's stance was to get their message out to wider audience and stick it to the man while doing it. Case in point the Ramraiders ITA 7" they released using EMI's money. The band disintergrated in the late 90's followed by the death of singer Matty Blag last year from a heroin overdose. The band have started playing occasionally and their seminal LP 'United Colours Of Ballgers ITA" is being reissued..... RIP Matty Blag.

New Kids On The Blag

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