Sunday, September 27, 2009

Witch - Introduction

Any reader(s) of the blog will know my fascination with Zambian music from the late 60's/early 70's. I only just discovered this shit last year even though I was born there and members of my family lived there for years. In fact, The Peace and Witch albums recorded in the next goddamn town!! wtf? Anyway, I paid top dollar for the reish of the Witch - Lazy Bones LP... and what a bonzer. Now those fuckers at Shadocks have delivered the first Witch album 'Introduction'. Hollllllllllly Shit. This is some primal fuzz... and the hooks? are you kidding me. I don't even want to tell you how many duckets I dropped on this repro. Trust me, it was worth every penny... and for all you collector fucks who think they'll track down the orig? it ain't gonna happen. Trust me. Don't have mp3's to share... but follow this link for a taste. 500 of them on thick-ass vinyl.



scuba said...

If you have any way of ripping the vinyl to the computer or something that would be so greatly appreciated. I have the vinyl but I don't have any way of getting it onto a computer.

montysmusic said...

hi scuba you acn get a deck now for under £50 which will enable you to copy your vinyl to mp3 fromMAPLINS in UK

owlqaeda said...

yo son, i posted Witch 'introduction' along with 'remembered vol 2' at me newfangled blog