Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Watch Band

So picture this.... 1965, San Jose California... bunch of hip dudes who were in a band called the Chaparrals start jamming in the of the members shows up "dudes..dudes, I have the perfect name for the band - the Chocolate Watch Band!"... you would expect the other members to tell him to get fucked...but no, thats the name of the band! seriously? wow, the 60's were awesome. I mean San Jose? The Chocolate Watch Band? jesus. You don't get any airy fairy psych shit from these cats, straight up slash and burn garage. Our own 60's guru Dougie turned me onto these years ago, but it's only since owning the vinyl have I really dug into this band... the LP 'No Way Out' is a masterpiece.... and imagine it stoned...holy shit! The band were actually pretty popular and even had a cameo in the hip flick 'Riot On Sunset Strip'....

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