Saturday, January 24, 2009

Voodoo Funk

I was listening to a great podcast from WFMU called "Radio Freetown" hosted by this German guy playing MINDBLOWING psych and shit from West Africa...places like Benin and Ghana. Amazing stuff and then I remembered seeing a trailer for a documentary about a German DJ travelling to West Africa looking for records.... so I had a dig around, and of course it's the same guy. This is my kind of record ebay here, straight to the source!!! seems he's back in West Africa as we speak.....digging. Can't wait to hear the results.. Check his blog here

"Take Me Away Fast" Trailer from Leigh Iacobucci on Vimeo.


margo said...

Good stuff, right? I'm so hooked on that podcast! I've been meaning to track down some Mulatu Astatqe- brilliant musics.

HUEL said...

Can't WAIT to see this film. Fascinating stuff.