Thursday, July 24, 2008

US Air Guitar

some of us here in the Bay Area are lucky enough to know last years US Air Guitar Champion 'Hot Lixx Hulahan'. He was pipped to the world title in Finland - but he'll always be our champion. here's an email he sent me about this year championship in SF. Sounds like a blast. Go look him up on youtube too.......

For the past three years the San Francisco Bay Area has proven itself to be an idealic dreamland for the loud, gregarious, beautiful, absurd, and recently, brutal battles of competitive air guitar. The good citizens of the Bay have shown to be accepting, inviting, supportive and downright passionate about this very real *sport* and they will thus be rewarded with the ultimate prize – to be the host city for the 2008 U.S. Air Guitar Finals. No need to pull up the Pay Per View or YouTube or wait for text messages from friends lucky enough to be in the midst of wherever-air-guitar-competitions-used-to-be. Twenty-five regional winners will instead go air-to-air on the rectangled square circle of the Grand Ballroom in San Francisco this year.

8.08.08 – keep the date, as them engaged folk are wont to say. (That’s August 8th, by the way – 2 weeks from now.)

A few reasons why you should go:
- The Finals are being held here because the Bay Area is a place that ‘gets it’. They have earned the position of host by sheer numbers and enthusiasm. Come understand and be a part of the answers to Why Air Guitar? and Why Here? and Seriously?!
- Not one, not two, but three locals are representing the Bay Area – (two-time regional winner) Ricky Stinkfinger, local comedian and long-standing friend The Awesome (aka Shred Begly Jr, aka Alex Koll, and for those who remember the band Your Mother - The Flying Poof), and yours truly, Hot Lixx Hulahan. (Not to mention 22 other regional winners from all over the country who have earned their place in this prestigious competition!)
- HOOO! this stuff is FUN. It is as goofy as it is serious, as much rock show as it is sporting event, as much performance art as it is people just spazzing out for 60 seconds at a time. It is like nothing you’ve ever seen (unless you’ve seen it before).

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